Viveros Las Cunas

We have an internationally recognized company in the production of ornamental plants.

Our plant sales

We have clients in more than 15 countries, from larga shopping centers and Gardens to small garden centers.

Logistics and shipping

We have our own logistics to transport and deliver our plants in the best conditions.

Our specialties


Very decorative plant that offers a diversity of color and elegance to the garden.


It is a key part of our production thanks to the wide assortment of varieties it offers.


Giving color to your environment always makes your happy, for this we have the protagonists of color, the bougainvilleas.

Cyca Revoluta

It never goes out of style and adapts to each type of garden, always giving it a very special touch.

Olea Europaea

Without any doubt, it is the queen of the garden. It could not be missing in our production.


They represent one of the strengths of our production.
Years of experience growing Mediterranean ornamental plans.
Hectares facing the Mediterranean Sea for our production.
Plant varieties make up our annual production.

Our location: